Dr. Fernando Solis Woodstock NY

Dr. Fernando Solis, DPT

Dr. Fernando Solis began his physical therapy journey as an injured athlete. He felt empowered with each session, and his curiosity for the field began to grow as he became amazed by the wealth of knowledge his own physical therapist had regarding the human body, as well as their ability to communicate effectively. It was then and there that Fernando decided to become a physical therapist.


Education and Experience

With his love for fitness, anatomy, and the natural sciences, Fernando began his path to become a physical therapist. He attended the University at Buffalo and acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science in 2018, then followed up with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2021.

Throughout his time in Buffalo, Fernando focused on becoming a well-rounded clinician and student. He became a personal trainer for the University’s staff through the Exercise is Medicine club. There, he planned, programmed, and supervised training sessions. Through his University, Fernando tutored aspiring PT students in courses such as anatomy, nutrition, exercise physiology, and physics.

As a physical therapist in Upstate New York, Fernando has worked with people of all ages and walks of life. He is well-practiced in treating athletes and individuals with chronic pain, degenerative discs/joints, joint replacements, and other orthopedic impairments. 

Fernando believes treatment should be functionally relevant and individualized, with tailored treatment for the patient as a whole rather than their injury. His multi-faceted experiences and training have allowed Fernando to combine his passions of rehabilitation and fitness to offer unique and effective treatment for each patient. His approach as a physical therapist is to build relationships that foster growth and overall improvement in quality of life. 

Patient Testimonials

I have sadly shepherded my wife of 54 years to every conceivable modality of doctor, therapist and healer since she was “diagnosed” with post stroke pain syndrome 10 years ago. They mostly got discouraged (and in turn annoyed) in being unable to help, after putting her through tests, and injections with little sense of the pain they caused her both physically and emotionally.

I began to see Dr. Solis for help with sciatica and quickly got a sense that here was someone with a gentleness and self confidence that might be able to offer my wife some relief. She was afraid of further hurt because her pains never go away, and he sensed that right away. They began slowly, on her terms, and very gradually worked to extend her strength, her mobility, balance and in turn her confidence. To my delight and surprise she looked forward to her sessions and worked hard with him to rebuild herself.

He was ALWAYS reassuring, understanding and deeply skilled in his care for her and that didn’t vary from session to session. He pushed her to work harder in such a lovely way that she enjoyed the small tests of herself. I am sure he can do wonders for world class athletes but it takes a special healer to also understand and help an old soul.

Peter & Linda L.

Sciatica & Post Stroke Syndrome

“I had the opportunity of working with Fernando following my recent right total knee replacement surgery. Fernando was a pleasure to work with. He is insightful, knowledgeable and compassionate. He was keenly aware of any discomfort I experienced during an exercise and corrected or changed the exercise so I didn’t aggravate any pain I was experiencing.

I had physical therapy on my left knee 6 years earlier. It took place in a different facility. The exercises aggravated my pain considerably, which left me fearful and hesitant to have physical therapy again.

Working with Fernando was an eye opener. He would explain the purpose of the different exercises and observe to be sure I performed them for my best outcome. This in turn helped me to understand how to do them properly when I was at home

As a plus he was always pleasant and smiling and happy to answer any questions I had. I credit him totally for my rapid recovery. My husband, family and friends were super impressed by my progress knowing that my previous TKR physical therapy was plainly miserable and prolonged.

I very highly recommend Fernando. I am so grateful he was the person I was fortunate to contact to have my physical therapy.”

Marcia P. 


I have been a long-time patient of Fernando Solis. I appreciate many aspects of our work together. Often, I come to sessions feeling generally out of sorts, waking up with little energy (I am 90) and multiple minor body aches. Usually I leave work with Fernando in a much-energized state.  In addition to his professional skill, I find him a pleasure to talk to.

Stuart M.

Low Back

“I was extremely pleased with being Fernando’s patient. He quickly remedied my sore shoulder which was a persistent and painful experience interfering with my daily activities. Fernando was a pleasure to speak with and will absolutely not hesitate to visit him again when the need arises. I highly recommend Dr. Fernando Solis for any physical therapy needs.”

Joseph H.


“Dr. Fernando Solis demonstrated a very high level of not just expertise but also the application of and explanation of his expertise. On several occasions I saw him for treatment for my recovery of quad tendon surgery. I appreciated his technique, his instruction, and his overall demeanor. On another occasion I saw him for some rather spontaneous, acute pain in the same knee, and he went through a thorough diagnostic procedure, identifying the specific ligament or tendon he was testing and, in the end, determined the cause of the pain. As important, he was very encouraging and supportive of my situation and focused also on reducing my stress level. I would certainly, highly recommend Fernando as a physical therapist.”

Bill T.


“I couldn’t recommend Dr. Fernando Solis more. as an outstanding physical therapist. He is highly skilled, extremely attentive, and sensitive to the patients’ needs. In the few months that I have been seeing Fernando, my pain is reduced and mobility increased.

His manual physical therapy and exercises, both strengthening and stretching, have been extremely helpful in my healing. Fernando has a keen sense of needs and provides that care. His attentiveness has greatly helped in improving how I use my body to assist in my own healing. I am deeply grateful for the time and care Dr. Fernando Solis has provided to and for me.”

Robin L

for Lower back

“I had two knee surgeries over the course of two years and I had Dr. Fernando Solis as my PT. I feel that my recovery was attributed directly to him. He was caring, uplifting, and efficient. I went to him twice post-op…that should say it all. I would recommend him to anyone of my friends or family”

Jim L.

Left and Right knee surgery 

“I highly recommend Fernando Solis for physical therapy.  Fernando takes the time to get to know his patient’s needs and then develops a plan to address those  physical needs. Unlike so much of the medical profession governed purely by the bottom line, Fernando takes the time needed to help his patient’s reach their goals.”

Mark H.


“Joe and I are thrilled with Fernando’s invaluable services in Joe’s rehab back to walking again, regaining his balance and finally lessening his fear of falling. Fernando has an amazing ability for making a person feel comfortable with himself and doing what is best for his patients. Fernando is definitely in the right profession and we are truly thankful to have worked with him.”

Joseph & Beverly S.

Hip surgery

“I’ve had the good fortune to have Dr. Fernando Solis as my physical therapist for both my knees and arm injuries. In each case, I was suitably and compassionately challenged into a full and quick recovery. A five-star provider in my book.”

Robert M.

Knees and shoulder