I recently moved to Upstate New York from Los Angeles and was very concerned about being able to find a high-quality Physical Therapist. I have struggled in Los Angeles finding practitioners that are knowledgeable beyond the rout exercises that are traditionally given to patients. These PT’s often prescribe these exercises without the skill-set or sophistication to monitor that the patient is doing them correctly and or recruiting the wrong muscles groups. But I had the immense good fortune to find Dr. Alicia Kowsky. I am completely blown away with the incredible knowledge and insight that she has. I honestly never imagined that I could find someone like her especially in a small town. She is by and far the most well educated, detailed and deeply considerate Physical Therapist I have ever worked with. I have worked with many Physical Therapists over the course of my life as I have had issues with my back and had a hip replacement nine years ago.

I have been struggling for past two years with severe pain in my hamstring from a lifetime of bad habits and compensations which has left me very limited in my ability to walk for any distance. With carefully considered work that I am doing with Dr. Alicia Kowsky I have hope (because up until recently I have been feeling hopeless) that she will navigate me back into normal pain free mobility. She is bar none the best Physical Therapist I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many over the course of my life.