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Patient Testimonials

Lou D.

Over the last 8 years, I have searched for Physical Therapist who could help me with some debilitating medical issues that have affected how I live my life. I have suffered from Spinal stenosis and bone-on-bone knee pain caused by arthritis. It’s been quite a difficult road for me. Not only in dealing with my pain but the frustration and anxiety of seeing other doctors and therapists who were not helping me make the progress I wanted. Until I was lucky enough to meet Doctor Alicia Kowsky. From day one she gave me her undivided attention. She examined me and…

Bruce Weber

Alicia Kowsky is an outstanding physical therapist. She is personable, patient, up to date on contemporary practices, fully understands the body, and is also a good conversationist about physical issues, and is alert to a patient’s needs. She was recommended to me by two individual patients, and I have further recommended her to others.

Stuart Margulies

I have been a patient of Dr. Alicia Kowsky for almost two years. I feel I have benefited greatly from our work. Our usual sessions have helped me bring my body into better fitness, reducing chronic aches and pains. And I’ve sometimes  came feeling old and very distressed,  and left feeling well. She has been a fine person to work with.

Janet Villani

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Alicia Kowsky, I cannot recommend her more highly! I have been seeing her for pelvic floor therapy. She is an expert in this area. My experience with two other PT’s for this has proved Alicia to be the most highly qualified practitioner I have worked with. This is a problem many women face. It causes a lot of sadness and anxiety. Surgery is often suggested with inherent risks and unclear long term results. Alicia has helped me achieve real positive progress and given me the awareness of the interrelated muscles and mechanics involved. I have…

Angel O.

I have been seeing Alicia for the past three years consistently and have benefited greatly. She has many ways to help her clients. But she starts with YOU. She asks a lot of questions to tailor the treatments to individual needs. My hip issues are much easier to manage with Alicia’s expert care, which includes hands-on manual therapy and movement exercises that keep my joints flexible and functional. She is one of a kind, we are so fortunate to have her helping heal our community.


I recently moved to Upstate New York from Los Angeles and was very concerned about being able to find a high-quality Physical Therapist. I have struggled in Los Angeles finding practitioners that are knowledgeable beyond the rout exercises that are traditionally given to patients. These PT’s often prescribe these exercises without the skill-set or sophistication to monitor that the patient is doing them correctly and or recruiting the wrong muscles groups. But I had the immense good fortune to find Dr. Alicia Kowsky. I am completely blown away with the incredible knowledge and insight that she has. I honestly never…

Kristy L

She is a miracle worker, the absolute best for working on a painful frozen shoulder & regaining strength & movement! I’m forever grateful!!!

Tandy W

I am a senior citizen and had both my knee and a hip replaced. Megan was instrumental in helping me recover and get my strength back after those surgeries. She is extremely competent, and also very compassionate toward those who are enduring physical challenges.


If only I could rate Dr Megan Mullin 10 stars – there just aren’t enough stars to rate her! After visits with multiple doctors, Dr. Mullin was recommended to me for physical therapy in an attempt to avoid an invasive procedure. Her vast knowledge and incredibly wide range of modalities delivered unbelievable success! I’ve continued with Dr. Mullin to address other issues – I now feel better, sleep better…..absolutely priceless. As a person and a physical therapist, I highly recommend Dr Megan Mullin.

Judith B

Very talented in finding the exact right treatment and exercises for you. Better than a chiropractor; no crunching bones. Chronic back pain relieved for longer periods of time helping to avoid invasive treatment.

Vanessa A

If you’re not sure what you need to feel your best, Dr. Megan is sure to figure it out. In a short time, she not only provided relief, but also empowered me to work with the pain points long after the treatment with mindful movement exercises and knowledge of how my body moved.

Ann D.

I’ve been doing years of different exercises including yoga and Pilates to strengthen my weaknesses with minimal improvement. One session with Dr. Mullin has helped my body feel much more balanced.


Dr.Megan is by-far the best physical therapist I have seen. I have chronic knee pain and within just a few sessions she was able to help me greatly. She has Great energy and is very personable. I will definitely recommend her to my friends. 5 golden stars!

Megan S.

Working as an orthopedic physician assistant I’ve worked professionally and personally with many physical therapists. With that being said, my number one choice, always comes back to Dr. Megan Mullin. Not only is she incredibly professional and knowledgeable but she has almost a 6th sense for diagnosing and treating patients. For years I’ve had low back pain and in a 15 minute session she gave me at home exercises/stretches that has continued to keep me comfortable. I would drive or fly hours to see this talented professional. You won’t be disappointed.

Arian S.

Dr. Mullin is as knowledgeable as she is enthusiastic in helping others. The programs she’s shared with me have increased my flexibility and strength while decreasing my pain symptoms. As an athlete it’s been invaluable.

Mick R.

After visits with multiple doctors, Dr. Mullin was recommended to me for physical therapy in an attempt to avoid an invasive procedure. Her vast knowledge and incredibly wide range of modalities delivered unbelievable success!

Chad O.

Words will never be able to describe my experience with Dr. Mullin. She has a gift for listening and being present while remaining receptive and open for the best form of recovery. Her knowledge and expertise in many fields help facilitate healing for the whole body and soul.

Frank R.

I developed a chronic disease at 65. After more than two years, I met Megan and she helped me begin to lead a better life. With ‘cupping’, she relaxed my cramped feet and legs, so I am able to stand straight…my muscles are returning as is my flexibility.