Lou D.

Over the last 8 years, I have searched for Physical Therapist who could help me with some debilitating medical issues that have affected how I live my life. I have suffered from Spinal stenosis and bone-on-bone knee pain caused by arthritis. It’s been quite a difficult road for me. Not only in dealing with my pain but the frustration and anxiety of seeing other doctors and therapists who were not helping me make the progress I wanted. Until I was lucky enough to meet Doctor Alicia Kowsky. From day one she gave me her undivided attention. She examined me and went into detail about what she felt was contributing to my pain and discomfort. She targeted my problems and she used different techniques like exercise and particularly core strengthening. But what I was impressed most with was the amount of information she provided me with to relieve my pain and stiffness. She has given me confidence that with her help, I will be able to fully recover. But what makes this even more special is that I feel that I am receiving this help from a good friend. Her treatment has made me feel so much better. She listens and truly cares about her patients. I feel that I am in good hands with Doc Alicia. And I look forward to overcoming my pain issues and hope to get in the best health of my life because of Doc Alicia. I am confident about this. I recommend her highly and after a few visits, I am sure you will agree. Thank You, Doc Alicia!