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Dr. Alicia Kowsky, DPT

Alicia is an outpatient physical therapist specializing in chronic pain and pelvic pain issues. She originally started out pursuing a B.A. in Communication, and an M.A. in Conflict Studies, but she had trouble managing growing chronic pains. Feeling unheard by the medical system, and without resolution to her pains, she pursued a yoga teaching certification. She then pursued a 3 year training in yoga therapy where she specialized in utilizing yoga philosophy, psychology, and pose modification for students with chronic pain. This led to her earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Upstate Medical University in 2019.

Alicia is passionate about working with patients with chronic issues, tying in different tools to manage both the physical as well as the emotional pain they incur. Her continuing education has focused on pelvic floor issues, as she sees a strong relationship between pelvic floor issues and chronic pain. She is trained to work with men and women, as well as folks with gastrointestinal disorders. In the future, Alicia plans to expand her physical therapy practice by earning her Women’s Certification Speciality from the American Physical Therapy Association.

Alicia also assists MMPT as the Clinic Director. She is an avid hiker and plans to finish the Adirondack 46, before joining the Catskill 3500 Club. She especially enjoys winter hiking.

Dr. Alicia Kowsky hiking
Dr. Alicia Kowsky hiking