Virtual Physical Therapy

Along with our locations in San Luis Obispo, CA, and Woodstock, NY, Dr. Megan Mullin Physical Therapy provides virtual physical therapy services. These services allow our patients to receive expert care from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Our virtual sessions are conducted via secure video conferencing software that ensures patient privacy and confidentiality.

Virtual physical therapy offers a modern and convenient approach to healthcare, delivering a range of benefits that cater to the evolving needs of patients. Accessing therapy sessions from the comfort of one’s own space breaks down geographical barriers, making expert care accessible regardless of location. This approach not only saves time and travel costs but also provides flexibility in scheduling and accommodating busy lifestyles.

Furthermore, virtual physical therapy promotes a sense of autonomy, as patients can actively engage in exercises and treatments under the guidance of professionals while integrating them seamlessly into their daily routines. Additionally, the digital platform also enables therapists to monitor progress remotely, ensuring a continuous and personalized care journey. Overall, virtual physical therapy offers a blend of convenience, accessibility, and personalized attention that aligns with today’s consumer.

Our team of licensed physical therapists has extensive experience and expertise in providing virtual physical therapy services, and we use the latest technology and techniques to deliver personalized care to each of our patients.

Virtual Physical Therapy

Several physical therapy services are available virtually from our doctors. Having some or all of your appointments done virtually allows you to receive quality care conveniently and comfortably, including patients who don’t live near one of our locations in CA or NY. Our virtual services include:


One of our doctors conducts a thorough assessment and evaluation of your condition to develop an individualized treatment plan. This can also help you determine if physical therapy is right for you and allows you to ask any questions.


Your physical therapist will create a customized exercise program tailored to your specific needs and goals. They can show you how to do each exercise and explain the science behind it.


Our physical therapists can provide pain management techniques and strategies to help you manage your pain effectively.

education & advice

One of our experts can provide you with education and advice on how to prevent further injury and maintain your overall health and wellness as a standalone service or in addition to other PT treatments.

follow-up care

Your physical therapist can provide ongoing follow-up care virtually to ensure that you are making progress and achieving your goals while saving you a trip to the clinic.

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